Why crystal lights?

A crystal chandelier stands out the best if it is in perfect harmony with the interior. To provide you with the oportunity of optimum choice we make more than 2000 models and variations of lights. A part of them i salso possible to be ordered in various coloured designs.

Go through our catalogue of lights and drops, choose a chandelier, wall light, standard or table light, which you like the best and which will dress up your flat or study.

1. High durability of metallic parts' coating which is used for crystal lights

Metallic parts‘ coatings used guarantee high durability and resistance. For crystal lights with the logo Bydžov s.r.o. exclusively the laquers baked at the temperature of 150°C and higher are used. They ensure high resistance against various environmental effects.

2. Colour split in the whole range of visible colour spectrum

Exclusively, optical crystal glass is used for the crystal drops for chandeliers, wall lights and lamps with the "S" mark. The glass, thanks to its content, guarantees colour split of daylight and the light from artificial light sources (whole range of visible colour spectrum – 390-790 nm).

3. Highlighting of the gloss of finely burnished drops

Lights, drops and lights‘ components are designed in the way for the gloss of the drops to stand out. Ground drops used for chandeliers, lamps and wall lights are fruther finely burnished, when great shine and brigh glitter is achieved.

4. Careful quality control of the lights

Our unique manufacturing procedures rooting from our staff’s experience guarantee the highest quality.

5. Space-saving package – economy of transport

Dismantled chandeliers are packaged so that the package volume is the smallest possible – taking into account the protection against possible damage.

Example: chandelier 4004 06 with the proportions of 58 x 44 cm is packaged into a cardboard box 36 x 36 x 17 cm.

6. Guarantee of delivery of spare parts for chandeliers, lamps and wall lights

The company Bydžov s.r.o. guarantees the delivery of any original spare part for crystal chandeliers, lamps nad wall lights directly from the factory or via the outlets almost all around the world.

7. Completely unique design of ground bowls

Ground bowls for chandeliers are decorated with the design of a flying dragonfy. Specificaly, this design makes the harmony of a ground bowl, which is going to be brought to your home day after day, making the best relaxed atmosphere which you can wish for. Ground bowls with the brand of Bydžov s.r.o. decorated with the flying dragonfy give the chandeliers the best unique and unmistakeable look.

8. Very simple maintenance of the lights – crystal chandeliers easy to get dismantled

For easy maintenance, the company Bydžov s.r.o. uses a system of removable glass parts. The system enables the drops, chains and bowls from the arms to be removed in a very short time – without the necessity to disassemble the chandelier off the ceiling. The same system may be used also for the wall lamps, standard and table lamps. 

9. Brick-box for everybody – crystal chandeliers constructed by you

Wide basic assortment and interchangeability of many parts of the chandeliers give the customer the chance to participace in the light’s construction.

Are you interested in our work? We would be happy to prepare for you a similar solution.

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