How to trade

If you are interested in crystal chandeliers, lamps and wall lights, do not hesitate and visit our sample shop in Nový Bydžov. There you can see the beauty of crystal lights yourself and experienced salesmen will be happy to assist you with your choice.

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Why crystal lights?

A crystal chandelier stands out the best if it is in perfect harmony with the interior. To provide you with the oportunity of optimum choice we make more than 2000 models and variations of lights. A part of them i salso possible to be ordered in various coloured designs.

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Glass or crystal

There is a difference between crystal and glass which slightly alters depending on the accepted regulations in various countries. These regulations concern dividing glass and crystal into individual cathegories. In most countries crystal means the presence of lead.  

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Are you interested in our work? We would be happy to prepare for you a similar solution.

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