There is a difference between crystal and glass which slightly alters depending on the accepted regulations in various countries. These regulations concern dividing glass and crystal into individual cathegories. In most countries crystal means the presence of lead. 


According to the rules of European Community, the goods which contains less than 4% of lead oxide is defined as “glass“, glass goods with the content of lead higher than 10% is “lead glass“ and glass with the content of lead higher than 30% is marked as “lead crystal“.  


On the other hand, in the USA i tis enoug for glass to contain 1% of lead to be qualified as crystal. In other countries it is a question of meaning of words and it is possible to use the term “crystal“ for whichever exquisite, high quality pure glass.


The lead crystal is then underwood as crystal having more than 24% of lead oxide. The presence of lead softens the glass and makes it more workable by griding or engraving.  


Lead makes the glass heavier and causes it to break up light, so it splits the beams coming through the glass into a spectrum of colours.


Another variation is lead glass, containing less than standard 24 % of lead. It has a bigger percentage of barium oxide, which provides the desired quality of light split.


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